All events will take place at the Carnegie Institution, except for the conference banquet, which will be at the Mayflower Hotel.

Note: This schedule contains important changes on Thursday morning and Friday afternoon, which are shown in red. A printable PDF schedule is here. Last updated Sept. 9, 2016. This schedule replaces the one in the printed booklet.

Note: For scheduling of working groups and the AIT QKD Software Workshop, see the QCrypt Wiki.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Tutorial: Device-Independent Random Number Generators (At 9:20) Invited Talk: How to Verify a Quantum Computation Tutorial: Challenges to Physical Security of Today’s Quantum Technologies Special Session:
Loophole-Free Bell Tests. 
Ronald Hanson, Krister Shalm
Tutorial: Lattices, Rings, and Cryptography: Theory and Practice
10:00 (until 10:20) Quantum Homomorphic Encryption for Polynomial-sized Circuits (until 10:20) Coffee Break (until 10:20)
10:20 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Special Session:
Loophole-Free Bell Tests. 
Marissa Giustina, Harald Weinfurter
Coffee Break
10:50 Invited Talk: Converse Bounds for Private Communication Over Quantum Channels Invited Talk: Distributed Quantum Networks Based on Trapped Ions Invited Talk: Implementing Free-Space QKD Systems Between Moving Platforms: Polarization vs. Time-Bin Encoding (until 11:20) Invited Talk: Verification in Quantum Cryptography
11:25 Simple and Tight Device-Independent Security Proofs Rate-distance Tradeoff and Resource Costs for All-optical Quantum Repeaters Quantum-limited Measurements of Signals from a Satellite in Geostationary Earth Orbit Cross-phase Modulation of a Probe Stored in a Waveguide for Non-destructive Detection of Photonic Qubits Adaptive Versus Non-Adaptive Strategies in the Quantum Setting
11:45 Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems for QMA Continuous Variable Quantum Computing on Encrypted Data Time-Bin Encoding Along Satellite-Ground Channels Information Theoretically Secure Distributed Storage System with QKD Network and Password Authenticated Secret Sharing Scheme Computational Security of Quantum Encryption
12:05 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:40 Invited Talk: Fundamental Limits of Repeaterless Quantum Communications Industry

(until 2:20)
Invited Talk: Battling with Quantum Hackers Integrated Silicon Photonics for Quantum Key Distribution

Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed QKD with Integrated Photonics

2:15 A Modulator-Free QKD Transmitter (At 2:25)
New Security Notions and Feasibility Results for Authentication of Quantum Data
Quantum-Proof Multi-Source Randomness Extractors in the Markov Model (At 2:05)
Laser Damage Creates Backdoors in Quantum Cryptography
2:35 77 day field trial of high speed quantum key distribution with implementation security (At 2:45) Continuous-variable QKD with a “locally” generated local oscillator

Theoretical analysis and proof-of-principle demonstration of self-referenced CV QKD

On quantum obfuscation (At 2:30)
Hot Topics Session
2:55 Towards secure QKD with testable assumptions on modulation devices (until 3:15) Breaking Symmetric Cryptosystems using Quantum Period Finding (until 3:30)
3:15 Coffee Break Coffee Break  Coffee Break
3:45 Invited Talk: Photonic Integrated Circuits for Quantum Communications Poster
industry exhibits
industry exhibits
4:20 Observation of quantum fingerprinting beating the classical limit (until 6pm) (until 6pm)
4:40 24-Hour Long Relativistic Bit Commitment
5:00 Quantum teleportation over deployed fibres and applications to quantum networks
Evening (At 6:00)
Public Lecture: Michele Mosca
“Cryptography and Cybersecurity in the Quantum Era”
(At 6:30)

After-dinner speaker:
Scott Aaronson